Thanks for stopping by my page! I’m never sure what to say about myself, but here goes:

I’m often asked, why did I get into radio to begin with? I’ve been a radio “junkie” my entire life. Often choosing to listen to the radio or to music over reading or watching television (though I do those too)

I wasn’t familiar with Frederick at all, until I started working for Key 103. I commute every weekend from Bethesda, but it’s worth it to bring you today’s best music every Saturday & Sunday night!

I’ve worked in radio since 2006, but this is my first on-air job since college

Also my first job in a music format. Most of my experience comes from DC’s news/talk radio. I’ve also been “the night guy” for most of ny career

Not that you’d know it by listening to my show, but I use a wheelchair. Makes it easy enough to spot me if I’m ever out at Key 103’s events

During the week, I’m often “behind the scenes”, helping co-workers at these events sound their best for you

I’ve been told by many I’m the only person they know who still thinks the Simpsons is the funniest show on television

I don’t watch many other shows (not comedies anyway) but movies? All kinds. I’ll watch almost any movie at least once, unless I hear it’s terrible. Ok. sometimes even then, just to see how bad it is.

I prefer playing sports to watching them. Wheelchair basketball is something to behold if you haven’t before