New Home for the Holidays

Key 103 and Fitzgerald Home Furnishings want to give you a

With the holidays nearing, Key 103 is teaming up with our friends at Fitzgerald Home Furnishings to give you a chance to win the Key’s $20,000 Golden Ticket. This is the ticket that could make your home the place to be this holiday season.

There are three ways to qualify for a chance at a Golden Ticket:

  1. Listen weekdays through Nov. 16th during the 8, 11, 2, and 5 o’clock hours for the cue to call in and qualify
  2. Fill out the registration form below by noon on 11/16/16.
  3. Go to any of our qualifying “Golden Ticket Stops” at Fitzgerald Home Furnishings and sign up on site
  4. Join us at the Grand Prize Event at Fitzgerald Home Furnishings between 12 – 1 pm on November 19th to register, 5 tickets will be given away day of!

Golden Ticket Stops

11/18           12 – 1p               Steven

All those who qualify will join us on November 19th for the Golden Ticket Grand Prize Event at Fitzgerald Home Furnishings, where one person will win $20,000 in new home furnishings!!

Some restrictions apply. Please click HERE to read the contest rules.