Vote Now!

Election day is here!

In light of the big day, and basically for bragging rights in the studio and a primo parking spot in our parking lot, we’ve got a little less stressful vote we’d like you to cast.

It’s Simple, who get’s your vote, Tommy….or Amber?

  • Vote Tommy and video games in the office may become a reality, and business attire may only consist of jeans, a t-shirt & flip flops.
  • Vote Amber and take your pet to work day may become take your pet to work month, and cheese steak may become an official breakfast food.

OK honestly, those are all fun reasons to vote for either one of them, but here’s a better reason…everyone who casts a vote will be in the running for a pizza party from Starvin Marvin Pizzeria!

Thanks from the Key Morning Buzz, and get out there and vote…for real too…

Fill in your info below to be in the running for the incredible pizza from Starvin Marvin!! Yay Pizza!