Alexa Play Key 103

KEY 103 is now available on Amazon devices with Alexa. Today’s Hits & Yesterday’s Favorites, The Key Morning Buzz with Tommy & Jenna, 10 Songs in a Row While You Work with Laura Lee, Afternoons with Jeremy, the Big 5 @ 9 with Babs, and much more, all FREE on your Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show, or any other Alexa-enabled device.

Setting up KEY 103 on your device is really simple too! Just follow the steps below…

  • Download the Alexa app (find Apple version here or the Android version here).
  • Select “Skills” from the main menu of the app.
  • Search for “Key 103” Tap on the station logo to get to Key 103 skill.
  • Tap “Enable” to enable the skill.
  • Once you’ve enabled the skill, just say, “Alexa, play Key 103.”
  • Enjoy Key 103!

Having technical difficulties? Need assistance getting started?

Click here for a step-by-step guide to setting up your Echo device and enabling new skills via the Alexa app.