Key Morning Buzz

March 17th- 21st 

You can win a family four pack of tickets to go see Scooby Doo Live at the Warner Theatre

Weekday mornings around 8:10, Tommy & Angie bring you the 2nd Cup Quiz!

And we know, sometimes life or work pulls you away, and you don't get the,

Here are some answers to the 2nd Cup Quiz...

You're welcome...





Q: 3% of people have taken a nap at work in a certain place. Where is this certain place?

A: Under their desk



Q: Couples are most likely to argue here.

A: The car


Q: A new study shows that men feel the most confident on a date if they wear this color.

A: Blue


Q: 70% of people say this is the 1sy thing they do in the morning and last thing they do at night.

A: Check their phone



Q: This is the top guilty pleasure for both men and women.

A: Ice cream


Q: 26% of people say they've lost a friend over this.

A: Loaning them money


Q: 61% of people in a recent poll said they do this while they work.

A: Listen to music