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November 5th- US restaurants serve the equivalent of 100 acres of this every day: Pizza

November 4th- Valentina Vassilyeva holds the current worl record for having  69 of these: Children

October 30th- A new survey has found that 72% of men do this on a first date: Lie

October 29th- 1 out of 4 people have taken a selfie HERE: In the car

October 28th- 45% of Americans over 65 are now using THIS on the internet: Facebook

October 27th- This president was the first to bring the recipe for macaroni and cheese to the US? Thomas Jefferson

October 22nd- What is the biggest donut eating country in the world? Canada

October 21st- It is illegal to do THIS on the Autobahn in Germany: Run out of gas

October 20th- College students spend twice as much money on alcohol each year as they do on THIS: Text Books

October 17th- 20% of us worry about this so much that it ruins our weekend: Going back to work on Monday

October 16th- 8% of people have done THIS to pay for Christmas presents: Take out a loan

October 15th- The US produces 57% of this fruit for the world: Blueberries

October 14th- Families in the U.S. spend an average of $318.70 HERE every month: The grocery store

October 13th- What is the most popular home made Halloween costume this year? Zombie

October 10th-The town of Morton, Illinois produces 80% of canned WHAT that we eat? Pumpkin

October 9th- What state has gone for 9 years without a hurricane, the longest time since they started keeping track in 1851? Florida

October 8th- Other than JUST driving, what is the safest thing you can do WHILE driving? Listen to the radio.  (SWEEEET!)

October 7th- What is the baby milestone new mother brag about the most? Sleeping through the night.

October 4th- Quentin Tanrantino's first Hollywood appearance was as an Elvis impersonator on THIS Betty White sitcom: The Golden Girls

October 3rd- This animal injures more zookeepers than any other animal. Zebra

October 2nd- Have of us are using a broken one of these everyday. A phone

October 1st- The average American spends $70,000 on THIS in their adult life? Alcohol