I'm older then I look but then again who isn't :) I definitely don't act my age as my kids like to say you're not normal MOM!!!. I have no idea what that means?? 

I enjoy long walks at the park and staring at the stars kidding. Im a video game playing, hanging out with friends nature is surely not my kind of thing "NO CAMPING HERE" 

I went to Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Va..been in the radio bizz for 6years and I  have been a resident of  Fredneck for 6yrs now and still don't know the area I know sad I'm getting there..

Kids: WOW I have way too many..lol, three crazy children and I plan to donate them soon :-)

Married: way to long..haha donating him too

Most embarrassing moment: I may or may not have had a few too many at the movie theatre that was a long long long time ago:-)

My favorite  pickup line: These all yours referring to my kids wow can I have your number. I'm still confused on that one

Pets can't cut it in our house cause we just can't seem to keep them alive. .....Them poor fishes the hamster next..SO NOT ON PURPOSE

 Favorite Key 103 artists

That would be my dream hubby JT (Justin Timberlake) shhh don't tell my husband It's a secret  and Katy Perry

You can catch me on your radio every Sunday!!!!

 I'm also the Promotions Director so you may see me out and about and I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to say hello..

Email me anytime babs@key103radio.com 

 Hilarious!!!! His wife is expecting and didn't want to take pictures being pregnant, so he decided to do it himself. You can check out the rest of the pics HERE I know you want to :-).
Dance off between Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pritt priceless

 Just made me love him even more Sam Smith singing Beyonce at a Karaoke Bar

I'm so in love with Sam Smith he can sing anything and make it sound so beautiful here he is singing Tracy Chapman's 1998 hit Fast Car

Nico & Vinz "In Your Arms" New Single from their Album in stores Sept 16th "Black Star Elephant"

 Katy Perry at the age of 17th with her cute short little pigtails. A little behind the scene of Katy Perry before she became the famous Katy Perry that we all know now.

Katy Perry Uncensored Raw Talent from Jim Standridge on Vimeo.



I'm not much of soccer player but I would definitely try this out. It looks like so much fun!!!

Loving this new one from Taylor Swift "Shake it Off" Check it out

Bruno Mars would be proud, loving this rendition of "When I Was Your Man" ft. Fifth Harmony

Katy Perry "This is how we Do" Love it, she is so creative when it comes to her videos.


Can't wait to see this movie!!! It's opens on Valentines Day, good thing I plan on seeing it the night before :-)

  Bathtub Races @ Baker Park July 4th 


  Alive @ Five Carroll Creek 

 Christina Perri and 5th graders singing Human equals a smile on your face :-)

JT and Jimmy Fallon back at it again. I just love when they get together!!


Rebecca Black's new video went from Friday to a new song called Saturday check it out

Didn't know that Bruno Mars had siblings let alone 4 of them, sisters check out their latest video. 



A lot of soreness afterwards but I had an awesome time 




Sometimes it takes a little liquid courage for Karaoke even for someone who is use to being in the lime light. This is too cute Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry singing a Boyz II Men song. LOVE IT!!! 

Drake and Kris Jenner Dating????

There is rumor going around that these two might be a couple.Kris Jenner says that she is just playing match maker between Drake and her daughter Khloe but they are looking a little too cozy in this picture.


Great Frederick Fair Celebrity Harness Race




So Cute So Cute 


Steven, Amber, and I Selfies @ In The Streets  in Downtown Frederick




We all know that Lady Gaga is one entertainer that doesn't embarass  easily she posted a picture of herself trying out a Facial Mask on Instagram. 


Confession I Am A Ariana Grande Fan Here Is  Her New One "Baby I"

Drum Rolllll and the Actor/Actress playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel In  "50 Shades of Grey"  the movie are Charlie Hunman From Sons of Anarcy and Dakota Johnson from the former sitcom Ben & Kate. I can see Charlie as Christian but when I saw the picture of Dakota I couldn't see her as Anastasia until I saw the picture of her with brown hair, I can definitely picture it now. I'm excited to see the movie, definitely a ladies night. I hope it doesn't disappoint.


Definitely feeling all the old school feel to the music that's been coming out recently like this new one from Olly Murs "Dance With Me Tonight"


In love with this new song from Christina Aguilera "Let There Be Love"

Such A Beautiful Song

 It only ends badly when I have to much time on my hands 

I'm inspired I've alway wanted to do Karaoke but can never get up the nerve. 

If this couple can do it at the gas station I shouldn't have any problem at a Karaoke Bar.

This is Hilarious

I wish I thought of this kind of stuff when I got married.. This is too cute







I'm Probably Late To The Game But My New Obsession Vine Videos. Here Are Some Of My Favs