Key 103 Today's Best Music

We're celebrating YOU at KEY 103!!

Birthday Bucks gives you a chance to cash in weekdays at 7:10am with Tommy & Angie, at 11:10am with Brian and then at 3:10pm, Chris will give you another chance to celebrate your birthday!!

Just listen close as the birthday wheel spins, if it stops on your birth month, be the 6th caller at 301-620-1031 and you'll instantly win $103!

But we can't stop there, we'll then unseal the birthday bonus envelope, if you can match your birth month & day, we'll DOUBLE your money to $206!!

And guess what? We're still not done...if you can match the Month, Day & Year, you'll win $1031!!

Plus, as a bonus, everyone who wins birthday cash, will be in to win a brand new PS4 game system to be given away April 25th at 5:20 with Chris!

Birthday Bucks are yours for the taking weekdays with Today's Best Music, KEY 103!!

Good luck!!