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Signs of Heat Stroke for your Dog:


Heavy Panting and Rapid Breathing
Excessive Drooling and Bright Red Gums and Toungue


If These or Other Signs are showing do the following:


Apply Rubbing Alcohol to the Dogs Paw Pads


Apply Ice Packs to the Groin Area


Allow the Dog to lick Ice Chips or Drink a small amount of Water


Offer Pedialyte to restore Electrolytes

Cats can knock window screens out and fall/escape, so make sure if windows are open that the screen is intact


Make sure there is a shady spot for your cat to rest outside


Also check doors in the house to keep your cat from streaking outside without noticing and being trapped in the heat


Intact cats may be more likely to fight and wander during breeding season, consider making sure your cat is spayed or neutered


Tiger Lillies are toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure. Do not allow your cat to chew on them


Cats cannot swim well, keep them away from swimming pools


Cats may rest under cars for shade, check under the car before starting or moving it