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Bruce Jenner Getting a Show???

Bruce Jenner's docuseries will have plenty of serious, eye-opening moments, but there will also be lots of fun and humor! Sources are saying that the goal of the 8-part docuseries is to provide hope and inspiration for those going through the challenges Bruce has faced. Well be seeing everything from Bruce’s golf game… to him hanging out with his girlfriends..and even the cosmetic side of his transition will be represented. So the show will be a happy medium.

Trying to Trademark Her Name??? 

Warning to anyone named Kylie or Kendall, other than the Jenners… you may no longer be able to use your first name!!! Last month, Kylie Jenner allegedly filed an application to trademark her first name so although someone may technically use the name with a different font…Kylie’s lawyer may swoop in saying that it creates confusion among consumers so well see what happens with that.  By the way… Kendall Jenner has allegedly filed for the same resons as well….

Airport Delays...


Taylor swift is HUGE in Japan, in fact she’s so got delayed due to the airport being overrun with fans!! Taylor had just landed in Japan to kick off her “1989 World Tour” when fans went crazy causing 2 arrivals to have a delayed landing.. that’s just crazy! All I wanna know is…where’s security???