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If the Prosecutor in Lindsay Lohan’s court case gets his way..Lindsay might be headed to jail because he believes the community service hours she did weren’t legitimate. Lindsay's community service organization let her do ridiculous things to fulfill her hours like, she got 18 hours credit for meeting and greeting fans and 70 hours credit for allowing people to follow her around for “work shadowing experience” which is weird considering she wasn’t working at the time! The prosecutor feels like she manipulated the system and should do jail time...



There has been lots of speculation regarding Bruce Jenner and his changing look over the last few months and well all soon know what exactly is going on with him because he’s allegedly in the process of filming a docuseries all about his very personal journey and the process of his changing. Although we don't know much now, sources say that all of Bruce's kids have been very supportive and the docuseries will air in either May or June on E.


Although Mariah Carey and "America's Got Talent" host Nick Cannon are getting divorced..they still have somewhat of an attachment because their both getting sued by their former nanny! Simonette DaCosta is claiming she was fired for showing too much affection to Mariah’s twins while she nannied them as infants. She fed, bathed, and comforted them... it appears all that didn't sit well with Mariah. Simonette is also claiming she worked way too hard sometimes putting in over 100 hours a week so she’s suing Nick and Mariah for back pay and other damages..