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Amber's Celebrity Scoop

Moving On Up!!!


17 year old reality star, Kylie Jenner has allegedly started the process of moving into her new house! The other day she posted a selfie of herself and sister Khloé Kardashian inside her new home and captioned it, "don't you wish your move in crew looked like mine." Even though shes started the move in process…she’s not officially moving in until August 10th allegedly so she’s getting a head start!!


Enrique in Trouble...


Singer, Enrique Iglesias is now facing misdemeanor charges of obstruction and driving with a suspended license following a traffic stop in Florida. According to an officer, Enrique was driving in a closed express lane on a suspended license. When he went to pull Enrique over, he clearly saw him switch seats with his passenger! He tried to get out of it but that obviously didn’t work!  Enrique’s court date was set for July 10.

Pregnancy Cravings...?


Back in May, it was revealed that actress Brooklyn Decker from the movie, “Just Go With It” is expecting her first baby with husband, tennis player Andy Roddick and Brooklyn has just shared a picture of her growing baby bump! She also spoke about how her pregnancy cravings! She said, "My only weird craving—it's not even weird—is orange juice. I've never really enjoyed orange juice but it's my one craving." She's too cute!!