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"Dancing with the Stars" Cast Members Revealed...


Please welcome to the dance floor...Gary Busey? That’s right… the actor and comedian is allegedly set to appear on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars! He recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and when asked why he decided to join the show, Gary said, "I didn't have anything else to do.” This should be very interesting to watch! Other confirmed cast members include… Nick Carter, Bindi Irwin who is the "Crocodile Hunter’s" daughter, and Vine star Hayes Grier.


Protestors at Rihanna's Perfume Launch??


Earlier this week, Rihanna was at a Macy’s department store in Brooklyn launching her new perfume line called “RiRi” when angry protestors showed up! They were there angry that Rihanna is always wearing animal fur so they lashed out, however security quickly stepped in to remove the protesters and Rihanna went on with her launch.

The Biebs Got into Some Trouble!!!


Justin Bieber's passion for fast cars got the best of him Saturday night, when he got stopped by a Beverly Hills cop. Justin was allegedly going well over the 25mph speed limit in his new Ferrari. Sources say that speed was a factor when he got pulled over, but Justin was actually cited for unsafe passing on the right. He was also given an equipment violation for his window tint.