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Amber's Celebrity Scoop

Baby Shower Time!!!

Bobby Brown spent some time celebrating his expanding family over the weekend at a coed baby shower for his wife. Bobby and Alicia Brown had about 60 people attend their party where they all played some traditional baby shower games, and just had a fun time relaxing for the first time in a couple months since his daughter Bobbi Kristina went into a coma. As for the gender of the baby, they want to be surprised so they’ll find out sometime this summer when the baby is born!

Lawyer Up!!

17 year old "Modern Family" actress, Ariel Winter is graduating from high school next year and she’s already looking at colleges as she is planning to become a lawyer! While talking about this in a recent interview she said,  "I toured around schools in California and I'm going to take a tour of East Coast schools. I would love to continue acting but it's definitely important, I think, to go and do something else as well.” That’s awesome good luck to her with everything!

Bruce Jenner Talks With Family


Bruce Jenner is continuing to navigate through the changes he’s experiencing  and although so much is going on…one thing remains clear, that is his love for his family. The first half of the two night special “Keeping up with the Kardashians: About Bruce” aired the other night where we got to witness Bruce get emotional while talking with his step daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe well as his daughters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Some of them, like Khloe showed anger but overall they ALL support him. Khloe said quote, "When Kendall and Kylie found out, I was the one who talked to them and said, ‘This doesn't change anything, [like] what a great dad you are," So they all got to discuss everything which is a great thing… cant wait to see part two..