Key 103 Today's Best Music

KEY 103 & Colonial Jewelers are once again teaming up to give you a chance to win 24K!!!

That's right, you could instantly win $24,000 cash in the 24K Challenge!

There are still 2 ways to qualify:

  1. Complete an entry form at Colonial Jewelers, 1 S. Market Street, Frederick, MD

  2. Join Chris & Brian this Saturday from 11 - 1pm as they broadcast live at the Grand Prize Event at Colonial Jewelers for your last chance to qualify

We'll be selecting qualifiers to compete in the cake dig contest, where one lucky finalist will have a chance to instantly win $24,000!

Get signed up now & good luck from Colonial Jewelers & Today's Best Music...KEY 103!


The survey you requested is now expired and can no longer be taken.

Click here for 24K Cake Dig Official Rules