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Glade United Church of Christ Fall Dinner

Walkersville Volunteer Fire Hall
Friday, November 1, 2013 to Saturday, November 2, 2013

The weekend of November 1st, Glade United Church of Christ will be hosting a Fall Dinner.  Fried Oysters, Roast Turkey and Ham will be served buffet style.  There will also be a craft table, candies and baked goods.

This event will take place Friday, November 1st from 2-6pm AND Saturday, November 2nd. from 2-6pm. 

Hosted by Glade United Church of Christ, the dinner will be served at the Walkersville Volunteer Fire Hall - 79 West Frederick Street, Walkersville, Maryland.

Adults: $17.00

Children ages 6 through 12: $8.50

Childrend under the age of 6: FREE

Carry outs: $18.00


For more information contact Glade United Church of Christ at: or (301) 845-6775.