Key 103 Today's Best Music

Chris Elliott

No winner for today's (5/4/15) Movie Mixup, listen to it below and see if you can figure out the commom theme between all 3 clips!

Tomorrow, around 4:10pm, Chris will play the clip again and give you a chance to call in and take your guess, get it right and win 4 free passes to Alive @ 5 which kicks off May 14th!


Join Chris Elliott weekdays starting at 3pm as he wraps up your workday with Today's Best Music and has some fun to help get you through what's left of your workday, usually at the expense of Steven!

Speaking of Steven, Chris is joined by Steven Andrew from inside the KEY 103 traffic center to get you around trouble spots in traffic during your ride home.

During the 4 oçlock hour each weekday, you'll have a chance to win some really cool prizes with a variety of fun games like Movie Mixup, Hole in the Headline, Lost Lyric's or Twisted Tunes!


Plus, don't forget to get your requests in for "The Drive" as Chris will play back the songs you want to hear for your ride home, send an equest to or call it in at 301-620-1031!


Mud Dog Run - Zombie Edition at Crumland Farms!!



Chris broadcasting live at the Swinetastic BBQ Festival with Tommy & Brian..

Shooting KEY Shirts at Tommy during The Great Frederick Bathtub Races at Culler Lake!

Mud Dog Run at Ceresville Mansion, what a blast!

Chris & Brian broadcasting live at Colonial Jewelers for the annual Cake Dig