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Key Morning Show : Angie


Why I'm In Radio: I love music of all kinds, so after leaving a job in storm water management design, I decided I'd like to look forward to going to work.  I attended broadcasting school and worked at a coffee shop for a year in preparation for this wonderful career change number 3.

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Hobbies: I run a lot! Especially marathons and races that involve trails, mud and/or obstacles.  I am a vegetarian, a drummer and I volunteer at an animal rescue.  I love to see live music and travel as often as I can.  I also recently took up ballroom and latin dancing.  

Favorite Foods and Drink: Simple. French fries and beer. I'm also a Vegan.

Favorite Sports Teams: Baltimore Ravens, Baltimore Orioles and the Arizona Cardinals

Favorite Key 103 artists: Zedd, Avicii, Sara Bareilles, Jason Derulo

Favorite TV Show: Law and Order SVU, Cold Case Files, X-files, Moonlighting

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