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#1.) Having Thick Eyebrows- A study at Duke compared pictures of CEOs with pictures of low-level employees and found that the CEOs were much more likely to have thick, bushy eyebrows.

#2.) Being Tall- A study in 2009 found that for every two inches taller someone is, they earn an average of $1,000 more per year. If you do the math, someone that’s six inches taller would make $3,000 more than you currently do.

#3.) The Names Peter and Deborah- According to LinkedIn, men are more likely to be the CEO of a company if their name is Bob, Peter, or Jack and for women, Deborah, Sally, and Cynthia are best.

#4.) Being Blonde- A 2010 study in Australia found that naturally blonde women make 7% more than brunettes, on average. It also found that blonde women are more likely to marry a rich guy.

#5.) Being a Psychopath- According to a book called “The Psychopath Test,” CEOs are 4x more likely to be psychopaths. This basically means they don’t have the same emotions the rest of us do and just care about themselves.

#6.) Being the Oldest Child- According to researchers in Norway, first-born children tend to earn more money and have slightly higher IQs. They’re also more likely to be competitive, in general.

#7.) Being Born in June- A survey done by England’s Office for National Statistics found that more executives were born in June than any other month. 23% of the last 22 Nobel Peace Prize winners were also born in June.

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