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What man wear that are turn-offs for women:

  1. A see-through mesh tank top.

  2. An adult onesie... like full-body pajamas.

  3. Jesus sandals. You know, like Birkenstocks, or any leather sandals with straps.

  4. Crocs.

  5. Hawaiian shirts.

  6. Football jerseys.

  7. Novelty sweaters.

  8. T-shirts with "hilarious" slogans on them.

  9. Beanie hats.

  10. Boat shoes. (Also called deck shoes, topsiders, or docksiders.

So what clothes DO women like? A black suit came in first. Black pants came in second, and a black shirt came in third. So.. umm.. buy black?

Men ranked the top women wear that turn them off too. Here's the list:

  1. Jumpsuits. Think 'Kardashian.'

  2. An adult onesie.

  3. Crocs.

  4. Animal prints.

  5. Fur, or fake fur.

  6. Uggs.

  7. High-waisted pants.

  8. Hot pants.

  9. Sneakers.

  10. Leggings.

What clothes turn men ON? A simple black dress, a red dress, a black skirt... and either red, black, or purple underwear.

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