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Candyland: Order a DIY chocolate-covered pretzel kit, like this one from Fatty Sundays & Co., and create your own salty-sweet treats.

White Russian Roulette: Pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor, plus a few cocktail ingredients you don’t normally keep on hand but sound alluring, and line them up on your kitchen table. Then fire up, and take turns playing mixologist.

Game Night: Choose your own adventure! Monopoly, Risk, Truth or Dare, or maybe even a little strip poker (preferably in conjunction with White Russian Roulette).

Cooking Adventures: Pick a dish from your favorite restaurant and try to replicate it (cheater alert: the recipe will almost certainly be online). Even better, have someone come to your abode and cook for you: Ring up a chef, who will whip up a heavenly meal while you sit back and relax. (Worried about the movie-star cost? Thanks to a number of food-focused startups, there are affordable ways to make this happen.

Soundtracking: Think back -- what’s an album, artist or musical era that has some special significance to your relationship? Maybe it’s the band you saw on your third date. Maybe it’s a song that was playing the first time you... you know. Cue it up while your partner’s in the other room, then press play when he/she come back, and get the dancing started for a sweet nostalgic trip.

Bonus culture round: Go to the Met without leaving your living room.

Bonus lazy round: Three words: House of Cards. Start Netflix’s new series tonight, play hooky tomorrow, and watch all 13 episodes of On-Demand goodness while snuggling up.

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