Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  Doodle for a Few Minutes....But Only Draw Circles or Looping Lines:  Researchers had two groups of people trace two different types of doodles.  One had a bunch of sharp angles and the other had no angles, only curves.

Drawing angles requires more abrupt changes, and your brain is constantly compensating.  But when you're drawing circles or curves, your brain is functioning more fluidly.

2.  Raise Your Eyebrows:  Two groups were asked to write captions for the same image....which for some reason was a picture of a dog, lying on a bed, with a bagel in its mouth. (???)

The group with raised eyebrows tended to be more creative.

3.  Look at the Logo on an Apple Product:  Actually, it doesn't specifically have to be the Apple logo.  It just has to be something you subconciously associate with creativity.

When your brain is primed with certain logos, it puts you in a certain frame of mind. And, since Apple has been marketing its products to "outside-the-box thinkers" for 30 years, that's what most people think of when they see the logo.

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