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Career Builder came up with this list of the strangest things bosses have asked their employees to do:

1.  One boss asked the staff to be ready to delete ALL files and email at a moments notice.

2.  A female boss asked a female employee to be a surrogate mother for her... on more than one occasion.

3.  Another boss asked and employee to buy a rifle for him... and said he'd pay him back.

4.  One guy asked if anyone could, "hook him up with drugs."

5.  A boss had an employee come up with a science fair project for his daughter.

6.  One guy didn't want to be the one to fire his brother... so he asked and employee to do it for him.

7.  Another boss asked an employee to lend him $400 for a down payment on a car.

8.  After having surgery, one woman asked her employee to help remove her stitches. 

9.  One boss asked for help planning her wedding.

10. And finally... One boss sent his employees to an abandoned office building to try to recover furniture and office supplies they could use.

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