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We had said a couple of days ago that a Dutch company is taking applications for people to participate in a program that would prepare them for a one-way flight to Mars in 2022.  Find out why those folks might prefer it to Earth with The Top Reasons Why It Would Be Better To Live On Mars:

1.  It's not cheating if your wife's on another planet.

2.  Thanks to the lack of water, you have a convenient excuse to drink straight vodka.

3.  You can root for the bad guys in alien invasion movies, and you'll fit right in!

4.  Thanks to your tinted space helmet, your wife will never know you're  rolling your eyes while she gripes about her co-workers.

5.  Lif is simpler because all the women are on Venus. 

6.  No water means no pools.  No pools means no sucking in your gut to try and impress the 20 year old co-ed life guards.

7.  There, you may actually be able to afford to buy a house.

8.  Your favorite chore is dusting.

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