Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  Meditation - Get out your yoga mat and meditate.

2.  Treat yourself to five minutes of rest - Gather two firm pillows, then sit with your heels on the floor.  Keeping your toes together, open the knees wide and stack the pillows between your knees.  Rest the top of your torso on the pillows, head turned to the side.  Now breathe, releasing tension with each exhale.  After several breaths, turn your head to the other side.

3.  Take a mental vacation - When you need to reduce stress, find a cozy spot in your room and treat yourself to a vacation that's all in your head.  Close your eyes and imagine a relaxing place. 

4. Relax in a sea salt bath

5.  Use lavender - In numerous experiments subjects reported sounder sleep when exposed to the scent.  Or iron pillowcases with lavender scented water.

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