Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  Manintain a schedule.  And make it strict... Even on weekends.  If you allow yourself a half hour LESS sleep than you actually need, you'll be more tired the next day.

2.  Your bed should only be used for TWO things and one of them is sleeping.  Do NOT watch TV or surf the internet in bed.

3.  Get some exercise each day.  Ideally, about five or six hours before bed.  Exercise raises your body temperature and it's easier to sleep when you're in the process of cooling down.

4.  Take an hour or two to unwind before bed.  Your brain assiciates bright light with daytime, and in response it releases stimulants.  So, dim the lights and stay away from your computer or ANY screens.

5.  Eat a light snack about 30 minutes before bed.  Something with tryptophan because it releases calming seratonin to relax  you.

6.  Experts recommmend that you imagine yourself in a relazing place, like a beach.  You want to engage your senses, but not get overstimulated.  That's why counting sheep doesn't always work.

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