Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  Mial Carriers - They can accept gifts worth up to $20 but not cash or gift cards.  UPS and Fed Ex workers CAN accept cash.  Paperboys should get 10 to 20 dollars or a small gift.

2.  Doormen - at least $20, and up to $100.  A handyman should get between $20 and $50 if they helped you a lot.

3.  Day care workers - Cash is best.  Think about pitching in with other parents and giving each worker betweejn $100 and $300.

4.  Teachers - A small gift or something for the classroom.

5.  Babysitters - Between on day and one week's worth of pay.  The same goes for poeple  like hairsylists, housekeepers, gardners and personal trainers.

6.  Garbage men - Around $20, or a $20 gift card.  If you give cash, make sure they're allowed to accept it.  You dont' NEED to tip anyone who works on salary, or anyone who OWNS a business.

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