Conversaton Tricks To Make People Like You

1.  Encourage people to talk about themsleves.  It gives their brain the same sensationas eating good foor or getting money.

2.  Ask for advice.  Believe it or not, asking for advice helps make you seem more equal with people in more powerful positions than you.

3.  Repeat the last three words of some of their sentences.  It's a technique even hostage negotiators use to build rapport and it's surprisingly effective.

4.  Gossip... but only about positive things.  When you gossip about how attractive or smart or funny someone is, the other person will subconsciously associate YOU with those traits.

5.  Ask about something positive in their life before you ask other questions.  Like, asking about their kids first will make them more positive about everything else.

6.  Use questions to help people come up with ideas and answers thmselves.  They're less likely to feel threatened or criticized.