Ways to Have a Romantic V-Day at Home

Candyland: Order a DIY chocolate-covered pretzel kit, like this one from Fatty Sundays & Co., and create your own salty-sweet treats.

White Russian Roulette: Pick up a bottle of your favorite liquor, plus a few cocktail ingredients you don’t normally keep on hand but sound alluring, and line them up on your kitchen table. Then fire up CocktailBuilder.com, and take turns playing mixologist.

Game Night: Choose your own adventure! Monopoly, Risk, Truth or Dare, or maybe even a little strip poker (preferably in conjunction with White Russian Roulette).

Cooking Adventures: Pick a dish from your favorite restaurant and try to replicate it (cheater alert: the recipe will almost certainly be online). Even better, have someone come to your abode and cook for you: Ring up a chef, who will whip up a heavenly meal while you sit back and relax. (Worried about the movie-star cost? Thanks to a number of food-focused startups, there are affordable ways to make this happen.

Soundtracking: Think back -- what’s an album, artist or musical era that has some special significance to your relationship? Maybe it’s the band you saw on your third date. Maybe it’s a song that was playing the first time you... you know. Cue it up while your partner’s in the other room, then press play when he/she come back, and get the dancing started for a sweet nostalgic trip.

Bonus culture round: Go to the Met without leaving your living room.

Bonus lazy round: Three words: House of Cards. Start Netflix’s new series tonight, play hooky tomorrow, and watch all 13 episodes of On-Demand goodness while snuggling up.