New Awesome Toothpaste

New Orleans biotechnology company, Theodent™, is giving kids around the world a great new reason to smile: chocolate-flavored toothpaste. The company will unveil its new Theodent™ Kids chocolate-flavored toothpaste on Friday, Feb 1.

Theodent™ Kids will be available on the company's website, beginning Feb. 1 and in select Whole Foods Markets beginning March 4. It sells for $9.99.

Theodent™ Kids actually tastes like chocolate, is fluoride-free and has the same cavity fighting properties as regular Theodent™, which contains Rennou™, a propriety extract from chocolate that strengthens tooth enamel. The original Theodent™ Classic toothpaste has a cool and mild minty flavor, however, Theodent™ Kids actually tastes like chocolate yet still fights cavities.

"We gave the kids exactly what they asked us for. There was an overwhelming demand for a chocolate-flavored Theodent™, so we went back to the lab to develop Theodent™ Kids, specifically formulated for young mouths," says Theodent™ President and Chief Executive Officer Arman Sadeghpour, PhD.

Theodent™ introduced its revolutionary cocoa-based toothpaste a year ago. "Now we have the best of both worlds - a toothpaste with an active ingredient derived from chocolate that tastes like chocolate as well," Dr. Sadeghpour said.

Theodent™ Kids is gentler than Theodent™ Classic and its luxury counterpart Theodent™ 300. "Children have more sensitive palates. Their enamel tissue is softer and not as mineralized so they don't need the stronger cleansing that adult enamel does," he said.

"Theodent™ Kids is safe enough for children to ingest. The same cannot be said of controversial fluoride which is unsafe for consumption in large quantities," said Theodent Chief Scientific Officer Tetsuo Nakamoto, DDS, Ph.D., whose team developed Theodent's active ingredient, Rennou™. Rennou™ causes the calcium and phosphorus that is contained in human saliva to stimulate new enamel growth. Rennou™ was discovered by a team of New Orleans researchers who found that it catalyzed the growth of microscopic unit crystals of the tooth enamel to grow larger, resulting in significantly stronger teeth. Dr. Sadeghpour confirmed that the cocoa extract was even more effective than fluoride on human teeth as part of his doctoral research at Tulane University. The technology is patented and available only in Theodent™ oral care products.