Ways To Erase Your Ex From Your Life


Although we live in a digital age, I'm sure you still have photos that you either printed out or took with a Polaroid, or the like. It's those photos that you must discard from your sight. Whether you burn them in some ritual that equates to burning that bridge, or box them up and give them to a friend to shove under their bed, it must be done. So, do it.


This one should be completely obvious, but depending on the gift, like if was something you use everyday, it might be a bigger deal than if it were some stupid teddy bear you never like anyway. It doesn't matter; away it goes.

He bought you your favorite limited edition album on vinyl? Great! That's sweet! Now put it away in storage and buy yourself the same one – one that won't have the emotional attachment involved. However, being able to listen to those songs again is going to be a whole other issue.

Buy New Sheets

Ugh. The sheets, aren't they the worst? All the memories of rolling around in them, or just spending a Sunday cuddled up with nowhere to go. Get rid of them. Seriously. Toss 'em, donate 'em, just abolish them from your life. You can easily get new sheets, better sheets, again.

Change Location

Yes, this can be pricy, and although I'm not suggesting you move, I am suggesting you take a break from your everyday surroundings and get away. If you don't have it in your budget for a girls' weekend, then just spend a few nights at a friend's house having a good ol' fashion sleepover. Ben and Jerry's is always helpful.

Discard Whatever Clothes Were Left Behind

As one who slept with his t-shirt well after the fact, even after his smell from it had long dissipated, I can promise you that you’re not moving on until it’s gone. There's always some sort of article that was left behind, either on purpose for torture or just because, but it needs to be removed from your life. This, too, is going on the box with the photos and gifts that you'll be giving to your friend – if you don’t burn it first.

Clean The House

It might seem weird, but people leave energy behind when they go. Even if you think this is a hippy type of concept (I do, but indulge anyway), it feels really great to scrub away whatever residue was left by the relationship. If you strongly believe in this energy as a negative one that's weighing down on you, then get some sage to burn around your place. It smells great and is a healing component in these situations, or so the hippies attest.

Makeover You

He used to run his fingers through your long hair? Cut it. (A least a bit!) He loved the way you smelled? Switch body washes. You're not reinventing you; you're just tweaking the parts of you that he identified with you, well, being you.

Update Your Home

If you can't stop staring at the wall where you guys sat before the couch was delivered to the apartment, paint it a different color. If the gouged edge of the coffee table from the night he tripped and fell is keeping you up at night, sand it down. You must erase the parts that are consistent reminders in your living space. It's amazing what some paint and sandpaper can accomplish.

Keep Your Distance From Mutual Friends

As with every break-up, you'll notice that your mutual friends will take sides. It's as if they're articles you each got in "the divorce." Yes, friends are a major component to anyone's happiness, especially in times like this, but you had friends before you met him, so you can take a break from the mutual ones while you try to get back on even ground. If they’re real friends, they'll understand.

Do Something He Would Never Expect

It's time to start again. It's time to try something new and exciting, maybe even something he wouldn't expect from you. Did someone say skydiving? Why the hell not? Sometimes you need to scare yourself with something out of the ordinary to feel alive once again and shake the past from your bones. Besides, it's always a great feeling when you can still surprise yourself, especially if you're doing it solo.