What A Dating Survey From Match.com Revealed

Match.com just released a new survey of more than 5,000 single people in the U.S. The way they organized their findings was sloppy and unpredictable... kind of like the dates you'll have on Match.com... but we pulled out some highlights.

6% of men and 4% of women say they fell in love for the first time before age 10.

44% of people say they've had a "friends with benefits" arrangement transform into an actual relationship. 33% say they've had a one-night stand transform into an actual relationship.

48% of women and 38% of men facebook stalk someone before the first date.

5% of people say they'd find it SUSPICIOUS if the person they were dating wasn't on Facebook. But on the other side, 10% say it would make a person MORE ATTRACTIVE if they weren't on Facebook.

16% of people have stopped dating someone because of something they saw on Facebook. The most common things are their date's photos, a wall post on another person's wall, or their date's status updates.

90% of people say it's not okay to break up with someone over text message.