Red Flags to Watch Out for on a 1st Date

1. They’re Pessimistic-

If they describe everything as “the worst,” then you should probably expect that kind of attitude to be directed at YOU eventually.

Then again, if you’re the type of person who likes complaining and ripping on people, you might be perfect for each other.

2. Every Time You Tell a Story, They Try to Top It-

It’s a sign that they’re competitive, which can be a good thing.

But if they seem overly competitive, it could mean they’re insecure. And they might not end up being very supportive, because they’ll constantly want the upper hand in the relationship.

3. They Mention Their Ex More Than Once-

Once isn’t a huge deal. But if they mention them MORE than once, they’re probably not over them yet. Which doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t date them. Just keep it in mind.

4. They Check Their Phone More Than Twice During Dinner-

It’s either because they feel awkward or nervous, or because they’re not interested in what you’re saying. And either way, it means you’re probably not hitting it off.

5. They Drink Too Much-

Again, it might just mean they’re nervous. Or it might mean they have a problem, because most people are capable of dialing it down on a first date so they don’t get tipsy.