What Men and Women Like and Dislike About Each Other

According to a new survey , the thing guys like most about women is that they’ll put up with their bad moods . . . and the thing they HATE most is that they take too long to get ready. Women like that guys can make them laugh . . . but hate that they can’t find anything on their own.–Here are the things men like BEST about their wives and girlfriends

#1.) They put up with his bad moods.

#2.) They’re affectionate.

#3.) They take an interest in how his day went.

–And here are the three things men HATE most about their wives or girlfriends . . .

#1.) They take too long to get ready.

#2.) They’re back-seat drivers.

#3.) They worry too much about money.

–And here are the three things WOMEN like best about their MEN . . .

#1.) They can make her laugh.

#2.) They help with household chores.

#3.) They listen when she rants.

–And here are the three things women HATE most about their husbands or boyfriends

#1.) They can never find anything on their own.

#2.) They’re messy.

#3.) They hog the remote.