How To Get Your Dating Life Ready For Spring

1.  Freshen Up:  The beginning of spring is the perfect time to start new.....and that includes your love life.  Rewrite your dating profile, take some new pictures, buy some new clothes, or whatever it takes to make things feel fresh.

2.  Get Out Of Your Routine:  Instead of taking dates to the same Italian restaurant you always go to, try going out for something like Ethiopian food for the first time.

3.  Put Yourself Out There:  Tell your friends you want to be set up, or join an online dating site if you haven't already.  Then set aside a couple of nights a week and go for it.  If you don't have a date booked one week, use it for surfing profiles.

4.  Have a Positive Attitude:  The idea is that everyone should be in a better mood after a long tough, winter, and ready to meet new people.  So, accept every invitation to every social gathering, and get out there and have a good time.

5.  Keep You Expectiations In Check:  Don't hold out for a perfect 10 when perfectly good options are passing you by.  After all, are YOU a perfect 10?