Things You Shouldn't Do Before Going to Bed

1.  Exercise:  Exercising within three hours of bedtime can raise your body temperature, and make dozing off more difficult.  Breaking a sweat, then, is better left for earlier in the day!

2.  Watch TV / Surf the Web:  Studies have shown that watching TV of being online can impede your bodies ability to fall asleep.  The likely culprit?  Well, the bright lights of these screens can make you not fall asleep because it wakes up your brain.

3.  Take a Hot Shower / Bath:  Being overheated or sweating can make it difficult to sleep.  Let your body cool down before heading off to bed.

4.  Drink Too Many Fluids:  Caffeine, of course, and alcohol both make it difficult to get a good nights rest.  But drinking a lot of any liquid withing the last hour or two before going to bed will lead to those dreaded late night bathroom breaks, breaking up your sleep.

5.  Work:  Getting work done stimulates your brain and can cause you stress, which is something you don't want to feel when you're trying to fall asleep.

6.  Cuddle With Your Pets:  Sleeping with a pet in your bed can seriously disturb your sleep. 

7.  Have a Serious Conversation:  Having a fight before bed will stress you out so much that you won't be able to sleep.