Ways You Can Ruin a Good Date

1. Interrupting:  Even if you're agreeing about something, let the other person finish their thought before you jump in.

2. Steamrolling the Conversation:  Meaning, you don't let your date get a word in.  Again, it communicates that you think what YOU have to say is really interesting, but what they have to say ISN'T.

3. Over-thinking Responses:  As in, you're not really listening to what  your date is saying, because you're too busy thinking about how you'll respond.  That can make you seem detached from the conversation.

4. Acting Like a Know-it all:  It's good to seem smart.  But if you act arrogant or start presenting youre opinions like they're facts, you'll seem pompous and closed minded.

5. Story Matching:  This is when a they tell a story, and you respond with a similar story.  That's ok in small doses, because it highlights how you're similar.