Random Things That Your Cell Phone, LInkedin, and Texting Habits Say About You

1.  iPhone users have  more partners than Android users:  Over their entire lifetime, Android users average 6, while iPhone users average 11. Almost twice as many!

2.  LinkedIn users are more likely to watch soap operas:  If you spen a lot of time using LinkedIn to network, you're TWICE as likely to watch soaps compared to the national average.  Maybe because you're home looking for a job?

3.  If you send more than 100 text messages a day, there's a good chance you're a terrible person:  At least according to one recent study, which found you're 30% less likely to have strong feeling about living a quote, "ethical, principaled life."

The study looked at 2,300 first year psychology students at the University of Winnipeg, and believe it or not, almost a third of them said they text more than 200 times a day.