Foods That Fight Bad Breath

1.  Black or Green Tea.  They both contain polyphenols, which fight back breath by preventing the growth of bacteria in your mouth.

2.  Yogurt.  Yogurt cultures compete with other bacteria in your mouth.  Yogurt also gives you healthier teeth.  Poople who eat it regularly have less plaque and less gum disease.

3.  Water.  The bacteria that cause bad breath live best in a dry mouth.  Drinking water keeps them from growing, and helps with saliva production.  It also flushes away food particles, which cause bad breath as they break down.

4.  Parsley, Basil and Spinach.  Herbs like parsley and basil are also high in polyhenols, which fight bacteria and help to break down sulphur compounds.

5.  Apples.  Try eating and apple after a garlic heavy meal.  Apples also have a  lot of polyphenols.

6.  Cherries and Lettuce.