Tips For Finding Summer Dates

If you're hoping to find a fling this summer, here are four tips to help make it happen. They're kind of obvious, but if they work.... who cares.

1.  Go Outside:  It sounds obvious, but that's where you're going to meet people.  So, accept every invitation that comes your way; beach parties, barbecues, weddings... anywhere you know a lot of people will be.

2.  Dress Sexier:  Ladies, flaunting what you've got is more acceptable now that it's summer.  So, if you'be got a sexy bikini or a flirty summer dress, this is the perfect time to bust it out.

3.  Go Out In Smaller Groups:  Head out on your own, or with one of two friends.  It's a lot less intimidating for someone to approach you when you're not surrounded by 15 of your friends.

4.  Try A New Place:  Instead of heading to your favorite hangouts, hit up a place you've never been to, like a rooftop bar or a random outdoor concert.