Texting Is Good For Dating, But This One Thing Could Kill Your Dating Life

Dating websites show texting is rapidly changing the way we meet and communicate with potential new dates.  Every day, singles are letting their fingers do the talking for a variety of reasons:

1.  Up to 38 percent of singles aged 21-50 (men and women) say it's an easy way to set up a date.

2.  It minimizes initial rejection and allows people to make a quick exit.

3.  It's a safer way to flirt, since you can plan a smart quip and avoid awkwark silences that crop up on the phone or in person.

4.  It's more casual than the phone and considered less intrusive.

5.  It takes a lot of energy with short comments that get the point across quickly. 

6.  It provides more control over a conversation length versus the phone which can use up a lot of time. 


But, they also say, don't JUST text.  Make it a nice mix of texting and talking on the phone, because just texting could kill your dating life.