Are You Mispronouncing These Words?

1.  Mischievous:  You might be saying "miss-CHEEV-ee-us".  But it's supposed to be "MISS-chiv-us".

2.  Chipotle:  A lot of people think it's "chi-POL-tay". but it should be "chi-POAT-lay".

3.  Often:  It rhymes with soften.  Don't say "OFF-ten".

4.  Candidate:  You might be used to hearing "CAN-a-dit", but it's acutally pronounced, "CAN-di-dit".

5.  Prerogitive:  Don't say it like Bobby Brown.  Don't do ANYTHING like Bobby Brown.  The work is "preh-ROGG-uh-tive".

7.  Bruschetta:  Almost everyone says, "bruh-SHETT-uh".  You should be saying "broo-SKETT-uh".