Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  Dried Fruit - When fruit is dry the sugar becomes dense, so there are more calories.

2.  Peas and Corn - They're both considered starches because of their high carbohydrate count.  So, you should count them as a carb, like bread.

3.  Granola - Cereal usually has LESS calories than granola.

4.  Avacados - These have the "good fat", but you can easily consume hundreds of calories with a portion of guacamole.

5.  Frozen Yogurt - It can actaully have more calories than ice cream.

6.  Energy Bars - They often have enough calories to be counted as a meal.  Which is sort of the point, they're not actually a snack but used more to maintain energy during prolonged physical activity.

7.  Stuff That's Gluten Free - Gluten free does not mean healthier.  These foods still have fat and sugar.healthy

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