Key 103 Today's Best Music

1.  PIZZA COMPASS is everything you want in life.  It literally tells you the closest pissa place.  RUN!

2.  WEATHERPUPPY.COM  is an app that as a puppy tell you the weather.  It's also available with cats.

3.  So I need a sweater?  A light jacket perhaps?  An umbrella?  SWACKETT suggests what you should wear based on the weather.

4.  iTranslate can translate over 70 different languages for you.  A MUST if  you are travelling.

5.  Who likes waiting on the phone?  FASTCUSTOMER will do it for you. 

6.  Figuring out tax and tip for a large party is a huge pain.  Make it simple with BILLR.  NO more upset penny pinchers!

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