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Scientists figured out six things that can cause you to give your server more money:

1.  If they touch you.  Scientists did a study, and customers who got touched on the shoulder or hand for about a second when the check came tipped the MOST.

2.  If they're blonde.  Blondes recieve way better tips than servers with any other hair color.

3.  If they draw a smiley face on the check.  It only works if your server is a woman though.  If a guy does that the tip actually goes down. 

4.  If they wear something in their hair.  This one doesn't work for guys either.  Apparently, waitresses get way better tips from men AND women when they've got flowers, barrettes, of some other ornament in their hair.

5.  If they crouch next to the table.  Tips go up a lot if servers do this because it creates better eye contact and you feel closer to them.

6.  If they wear red.  Again, this is just a factor for women.  Men tip waitresses in red way more for some reason.

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