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If you're flying, buying airline tickets and traipsing through airport terminals can kill even the happiest of vacation buzzes.  Ignore these myths for a smoother travel experience.

1.  Last minute fares:  They are not cheaper.

2.  Planning too far ahead:  Can actually be more expensive.

3.  Hidden Fares:  There's no such thing as finding just the right site to get amazing, hidden deals.

4.  Talking your way into an upgrade:  Almost always the seat you're trying to schmooze for is already taken.

5.  There's a right day to buy:  There are better days to fly but not to buy.

6.  Airlines run great deals online:  Used to be true but now those specials offers are so limited and specific, that they're functionally useless.

7. Bereavement:  While bereavement exists as a policy it has never meant particularly good prices.

8.  The Saturday night stay:  You do not need to stay over a Saturday night to get a better deal.  Although, it is more expensive to fly on a Friday or a Saturday because they are the most popular days.

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