Healthy Foods That Have More Sugar Than a Chocolate Donut

1.  Fruit flavored yogurt:  One serving has 26 grams of sugar.  That's about as much as you get in TWO donuts.

2.  Energy bars:  If you have the kind with chocolate chips in them, you're having 23 grams of sugar.

3.  Orange juice:  One cup of OJ has about 20 grams of sugar in it.

4.  Applesauce:  A typical serving has 16 grams of sugar.

5.  Tomato soup:  Your average serving has 15 grams of sugar.

6.  Dried cranberries:  One packet of Craisins has 34 grams of sugar.  That's more sugar than you have in TWO AND A HALF chocolate glazed donuts.

7.  Starbucks grande latte:  You probably don't think of a PLAIN latte as that bad for you, but it has 17 grams of sugar in it.