Reasons To Take A Random Day Off

Every once in a while it's good to take a "me day" and take a day off.  Here are the benefits to taking a random day off.

1.  It feels special...  And it is!  A day with nothing to do is good every once in a while.

2.  It breaks up the week.

3.  No one else is off...  and that makes the day off feel even more special.  They're working and your'e not!

4.  Spas, exercise studios, supermarkets are all way emptier than usual...  You won't even need an appointment or have to line up (or really wait for much at all).

5.  You have time to think...  You can occupy your time however you want.  A day off during the week is like a personal meditative retreat.

6.  It makes you a better mom, colleague, partner, etc...  Even just one day off refuels your batteries and helps you feel more like yourself afterward.

7.  You can do anything you want...  Unlike busy weekends when we have personal obligations, you can decide that day what you want to do and just do it!

8.  You are worth it!