What Is Being "Hangry" And How Can You Avoid It?

Your energy is zapped, your stomack is rumbling, it's putting you in a really bad mood.  That makes you "hangry".   A combination of hungry and angry.

So, how can you avoid beig "hangry"?

Eat more often - You may end up going more than 4 to 5 hours without eating.  If that's the case, set your cell phone alarm to go off to reming yourself to stop and eat lunch and have snacks. If you don't have time for a real meal then have some healthy snacks.

Fill up on fiber - Fiber takes longer to chew, takes up space in your digestive system, fills you up, and helps regulate blood sugar and insulin response.

Choose smart snacks - Cinnamon has been shown to enhance concentration, walnuts are tied to better reasoning, and for positivity, produce is the best choice. Researchers found that a higher consumptionof fruits and veggies resulted in more energy, calmness ans greater feelings of happiness.

One of the best ways to regulate your mood is to avoid sugary drinks and artificial sweeteners and instead reach for water and unsweetened hot or chilled green tea.