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Key Morning Show : Tommy


Hey its Tommy Jordan, I guess I will tell you a little about myself. 1st I am a huge baseball and hockey fan (Phillies and Flyers) Sorry DC fans.

Fave TV Shows - Teen Mom 1 and 2, Gold Rush. Tosh.O also ridiculousness and re-runs of King of Queens

Fav Bands - LMFAO just because its good fist pumping music to listen to One Republic and Coldplay.

Fav Movies -  Anything mafia related. Goodfellas, All of the Godfather movies, Casino. The the funny ones. Old School, Elf and Road Trip.

Fav Foods - Italian!! But I don't like my food too busy. For example...Pasta with red sauce with grilled chicken...That's fine but when you start adding all this other stuff to it, ya lose me. Simple and sometimes plain for me with food.

Meanest celebrities I ever met - Good Charlotte, I thought maybe one of the brothers would be nice but they both were mean.

Thanks for reading my about me page, feel free to email me if you wanna say hi!