Dieting and Weight Loss Myths

1. Eating Fewer Meals Helps You Lose Weight Quicker

2. Genetics has Doomed You to Obesity

3. You Should Only Eat When You Are Hungry

4. There are Miracle Fat Burning Foods

5. It’s More Expensive to Eat Health Food

6. You Don’t Have to Count Calories to Lose Weight

7. Avoid Fats


The Truth About Dieting and Weight Loss

1. Long gaps between meals causes muscle loss not fat loss

2. Yes genetics plays a part in your life but you can have control by leading a healthy active life!

3. Skipping Meals can cause you to overeat when you are hungry

4. Miracle fat burning foods are only a temporary fix, you have to put in the work, no food will do it for you!

5. Planning a healthy diet can cut your monthly grocery bill by almost $50

6. It is essential to count calories for healthy weight loss

7. Fats keep you feeling full for a longer period (In Moderation)