Kevin Geter

Hello!  I’m Kevin and I simply love radio! Perhaps, it has something to do with being the mysterious voice behind the mic, or the fact that I can wear comfortable clothes (jeans and tee-shirt)!  I’ve been in radio for a while (I’ve actually used a reel to reel machine……….ahem, google it).  To this very day, I get an adrenaline rush the moment I crack open the mic! I love the anticipation!  Also, I enjoy and listen to all kinds of music.  I truly believe that music provides a soundtrack to our lives and it gives us the nourishment that we need.

I was born and raised in Washington DC and I’m an avid sports fan and I believe that I can still be a fan of both the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals (just don’t ask me what team I’d pick if they play against one another)!  When I’m not at Key 103, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, and watching documentaries (yes, I’m a bit of a documentary nerd).  I truly enjoy the cordial and family atmosphere here at Key 103 and I think this is indicative of our wonderful listeners!  Please don’t hesitate to say hello.