YMCA Send a Kid to Camp

Key 103 and the YMCA of Frederick County are getting ready to make this the Best Summer Ever for kids in our area!

Help us give kids in our area the chance to succeed and make summer memories. Donate HERE to help send a kid to camp!

Summertime at the Y seeks to inspire healthy youth development journeys through achievement, relationships, and belonging. But many kids aren’t able to experience summer this way.

Nearly 3,500 kids in Frederick County live below the poverty line.  Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure their children are engaged in productive activities- but thousands of families can’t afford summer camps.

That’s where the YMCA comes in.  Nearly 100 children have received more than $250,000 in scholarships, allowing them to have priceless summer fun at YMCA day camps.

Y camps include traditional programs, sports, art, and even cooking and horseback riding camps.  Children who are idle in the summer are at an increased risk of weight gain and childhood obesity or engaging in risky behavior from lack of supervision.  In addition, children from lower-income families fall behind nearly three months in math and two months in reading with cumulative effects over several years.

Please donate today to help send a kid to camp.

No donation is too small, $50 sends a kid to camp for a day, $250 sends a kid to camp for a week!

DONATE NOW and help kids dream big.