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Gemmist is hair care made simple through science. Based on your hair and lifestyle data, we determine the shampoo and conditioner that address your specific hair needs. 

We’re proven to:

  • Strengthen hair by 76%
  • Increases volume 66%
  • Reduces frizz by 50%
  • Reduces hair breakage by 43%
  • Increases shine by 40%

It’s this simple: Take our 2-minute quiz, reveal your formula recommendations, and get the best hair of your life.

NEW PRODUCT! Gemmist Hair Freshener is a weightless mist that instantly renews hair and effortlessly transports you from a grueling workout to a summer soirée with ease.

With just a few pumps, the mist neutralizes odors, leaving a clean, fresh scent. This easy-to-use spray utilizes a proprietary technology that magnetically attracts malodor molecules, forms bonds with them, and then overcomes lingering scents with the light and refreshing Gemmist fragrance. 

Say hello to feeling fresh, without even jumping in the shower!  

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